The communal aspects of enjoying food together are just as important as preparing it.


What we do: 

Empowering young people
Maymessy will work with over 12 Oxfordshire based charities in 2019. We also work with local youth groups such as FAAAZE in Faringdon, young women from Refugee Resource and local schools such as the Ridgeway and Mulberry bush. 

Maymessy makes a huge impact to over 200 young people who have come here.  After a few hours here, they have more collaboration; meaningful communication; teamwork, confidence, self esteem and time outside in the shared garden as well as greater knowledge of healthy eating and wellbeing. 

We all had a great time at Maymessy, Anna was patient and kind and we cooked food we had never cooked before which was fun and it tasted good.”

A young person at Abingdon Foyer June 2018. A residential home for children leaving the care system.

What we offer

The kitchen is kitted out with state-of-the-art equipment by Miele across six cooking stations that can be used by up to 12 children at a time. We have a team of expert nutritionists and chefs here to facilitate cooking. All are DBS trained, have safeguarding and are first aiders.

Those visiting Maymessy will be able to work in the vegetable plot, get to grips with the pots and pans, and finally sit down to scoff a plate of their own yummy and nutritious food. The communal aspects of simply enjoying food together are just as important as preparing it.

“16 -24 year olds feel lonely more often than any other age group” Co-op Red Cross 2016

Maymessy can offer ad hoc work experience, volunteering and mentorship to the young people who come here. 


Our testimonials

“An opportunity to see beyond the city of oxford with new cooking skill gained".

Fatou Cessay, 6th February 2019.

“Thank you for another fantastic event! The chance to meet the wonderful women refugees group and share cookery skills was so memorable. The students loved being taught how to make Eid Cookies and sharing their pizza making skills. Brilliant!”

Emmie Bidston Wellington College, 23rd January 2019.

“Today was one of the best days I’ve had with this group. The group was formed in February and I’ve got to know them really well. Without doubt they really enjoyed it. I could see in their faces and the way they were interacting with you and working together, was so lovely to see. They were very proud of what they achieved and couldn’t wait to get back to their mum to give them a muffin.
You have played a big part in what we try and achieve at YoCO and I thank you for that.
We will be back,

Best wishes

Berinsfield YoCO group, 2018

“Thanks for a wonderful day teaching the students how to make authentic pizza, as well as very exciting secret recipe for a vegan chocolate mousse! It was great for team bonding, great for cookery skills (no more sugar in pizza dough for us!) but more importantly the students came away inspired about social enterprises and making a positive difference to the world.”

Mrs E Bidston Wellington College September 2018